New Professional Blog — I’m Here

My pen name is Erik Moore, and I write GLBT and polyamorous erotic romance. Yes, I’m a man, and I write romance. Not just romance, but right now, it is my current focus. I’m published with Storm Moon Press. I have the polyamorous, bisexual short story The Direction of Greatest Courage (which first appeared in the Storm Moon Press anthology Cast the Cards), and I recently had my lesbian werewolf short story, To Pierce the Sky, in Storm Moon Press’ Daughters of Artemis anthology.

I have several projects in the works. A gay sci-fi novel with a new twist on vampires, as well as several other short stories I want to submit to Storm Moon Press’ anthologies. I’m also working with S.L. Armstrong on a co-authored sci-fi erotic romance novel.

This blog will probably not be updated as much as I’d like, but I do have a day job (necessary evil, sadly) that sucks away a lot of my time. I do have several posts planned, though, so stick around to see what little bits of witty commentary manage to worm their way out of my brain and onto the screen.


About erikrmoore

Erik Moore was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. From a young age, he was an avid reader, and recalls that the first book he read on his own was "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". He was teased at school for being a geek and frequently dealt with it by retreating into the fantasy worlds of stories, other people's at first, and then those of his own creation. Though a writing enthusiast, his first love and vocation will always be computer programming and website development. He currently resides in Florida with his wife and their menagerie of dogs and cats, and wears his geek label proudly.
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