Multimedia Thursday – 2/9/12

Doctor Who villains drawn as the Charlie Brown gang

L-to-R: Front Row: Dalek, Judoon, Smiler, Ood. Middle Row: Auton, Saturnyne, Weeping Angel, Sontaran, Cyberman. Back Row: Silurian, Silent*.

Kicking off “Multimedia Thursday” with an image that just makes me giggle every time I see it.

For those of you who don’t know what’s going on here, this is a number of the alien races (primarily villains, though in several cases, the ally/enemy line is blurred) from Doctor Who drawn as the characters from A Charlie Brown Christmas. (If you don’t know what one or both of those are, then I envy you a little since you still have the childlike wonder upon discovery of these two masterpieces ahead of you.)

I don’t know why the artist chose A Charlie Brown Christmas to put them into — none of those pictured have been featured in any DW Christmas episode. I also don’t know if the artist had any reasons for the specific replacements made, if there were any metaphorical comparisons meant to be drawn between the Dalek and Schroeder, for instance. I don’t even know who the artist is — I found the image randomly one day while puttering about the Internet.

But it makes me smile, so whoever you are, mysterious artist, I thank you.

(And just for reference’s sake, here is an image taken from the scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas that the above image was inspired by:)
The original image from A Charlie Brown Christmas

* For purists (like me): Despite having been referred to as Silents in the early part of series 6, we later learn that the Silence is not a race, but a religious order made up of several species. This particular species was never given a proper name, so Silents will have to do.

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Erik Moore was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. From a young age, he was an avid reader, and recalls that the first book he read on his own was "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". He was teased at school for being a geek and frequently dealt with it by retreating into the fantasy worlds of stories, other people's at first, and then those of his own creation. Though a writing enthusiast, his first love and vocation will always be computer programming and website development. He currently resides in Florida with his wife and their menagerie of dogs and cats, and wears his geek label proudly.
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